A course on Network Science, including network formation models, structural patterns, and dynamic processes.

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Network Science Course

Instructor: Carlos Castillo

These are materials for an undergraduate Network Science course of the bachelor degree on Mathematical Engineering on Data Science at Universitat Pompeu Fabra.

The materials on this page correspond to the course in September-December 2019, and should not be considered final until the end of the course. Materials from previous editions can be found in other branches of the repository for the course.

Contents of this repository

Material specific to UPF students:


The course, particularly the first half, follows the book and course on complex networks by Albert-László Barabási.

I am thankful to the course’s teaching assistants (2018), PhD students Alexander Gomez and Alexandra Matreata at UPF, and the feedback from Vicenç Gómez on an early version of this course.

Course materials are available under a Creative Commons license unless specified otherwise.