An undergraduate course on data mining.

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Data Mining Course

Instructor: Carlos Castillo

These are materials for a twelve-weeks undergraduate course on Data Mining, and include two-hour lectures and two-hour practice sessions every week. They were developed for third year students of the bachelor degree on Mathematical Engineering on Data Science at Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona.

Contents of this repository

:construction: These materials should not be considered final until the end of the course.

Material specific to UPF students:

This course was adapted for online learning in 2020. The main changes are that theory lessons are divided into smaller modules, there is only one midterm exam instead of two, no two-people assignments are requested, and individual practices are a little bit longer but more time is given to complete them.


I am thankful to Aris Gionis and Aris Anagnostopoulos for their comments on an earlier version of these materials. Thanks to Miguel Angel Cordobés for his work on several of the practical sessions, and to Fedor Vitiugin for his corrections and improvements on the practical sessions.

All course materials are available under a Creative Commons license unless specified otherwise.